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Kemflo is the brand of Taiwan Kemflo Company for water treatment items. Since the mid of 1980s, Kemflo started to produce water treatment items for American and European market with international advanced technology. If you pay a visit to the big super markets and shopping malls, such as Wal-Mart, Lowe’s and Home Depot, you will find lots of involved products which are developed and produced in Kemflo. Contributed by the strict quality control system, advanced automatic production machine, our products have NSF certification and comply with the involved rules of Developed Countries.


There are development and production centers in China mainland, Taiwan and USA. Based on special water quality of different areas, we develop and produce kinds of filtration systems to meet the needs from different customers. 


For years, Kemflo is always committed to water treatment field under the policy of professional, qualified and innovative. “Kemflo means to pure water” is our brand expect. 

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